Other Disputes

“Bob was patient and understanding. He allowed the process to develop naturally and set the stage for open communication.”

We have helped resolve disputes involving a wide array of issues, such as:


  • Property – Buyers & Sellers; Easements; Encroachments
  • Sales – Homes; Machinery Parts; HVAC Systems; Cars & Trucks
  • Churches – Minister/Board; Board/Congregation; Minister/Congregation
  • Public Policy – Roads; Parks; Rivers; Lakes

It is impossible to list all of the types of disputes settled in mediation. About the only types of disputes we don’t mediate are union bargaining disputes, wars, and other international disputes.

No two mediation processes are the same. Mediation allows us to be creative in structuring agreements and gives us flexibility.  Here is an example of a very creative agreement reached by parties during a patent dispute.

Case settled on a bet. During mediation of a patent dispute, one attorney wanted to bet the other he could get a new patent for an improvement to a patented design. I asked, “Would your client be willing to make that bet?” When asked to explain, I suggested his client could agree to pay license fees to the other party. If his client got a patent for his improved design, the other side would pay license fees to his client in an equal amount, canceling out each other’s license fees. With a few modifications to the language and after months of expensive litigation, the case settled – in under four hours.