boardroom 2 “Bob was professional, personable and came up with creative solutions.”

We resolve many types of  business disputes including:

  • Buyer/Seller
  • Construction
  • Dissolutions
  • Employment
  • Unfair Competition
  • Partnerships & Family Businesses
  • Patent/Trademark Infringement

Mediation offers a better way to resolve business conflicts privately and confidentially.  It makes it possible to reach a resolution which satisfies the needs and interests of both sides.  It is far and away the most cost-effective resolution tool.

Timing. Mediation can be used before, during or after court proceedings. Obviously mediation is most cost effective before a lawsuit is commenced, but is most often used in the course of litigation.

Flexibility. Not all mediation processes are the same. Mediation allows parties the flexibility to reach an agreement that is acceptable to all parties. Below are examples of how mediation allowed parties to settle disputes fast and to the satisfaction of both parties.

Can you give me examples of what I might expect?

Same Parties, More Business. During a collection matter brought by a parts supplier, the parts buyer apologized for getting its mediation summary in late. The buyer’s representatives explained they were just too busy working on a new part to pull together the information their lawyer needed for their summary. Although it made no impact on me, the supplier asked, “May I bid on that new part or will this lawsuit keep you from even considering me?” The buyer said up to the last order of parts, they had no issues with price or quality and would allow the supplier to bid without prejudice, but could not guarantee a contract. The buyer excused himself and took his attorney into the hallway, returning in under three minutes with a settlement offer immediately accepted by the buyer. A months-long dispute ended in under two hours!

Same Supplier, More Business. A buyer ordered a new HVAC unit from a manufacturer using specifications provided by a third party, now out of business, to remove moisture from the air. When the unit failed to remove enough moisture, the buyer refused to pay the supplier. After a few hours in mediation, the parties settled with the buyer agreeing to pay for the original unit in full and the manufacturer agreeing to install a second unit at cost. Another months-long dispute settled in less than a day of mediation.